SaiOx + Hespiro™

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Treatments for respiratory distress (COVID and COPD) are limited, uncomfortable, and have safety concerns. There are 93 million treatments per year for respiratory distress worldwide representing a $6 Billion market.
Hespiro™, SaiOx's patented device, provides a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for respiratory distress.
*Sources:World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control (CDC),NationalInstitute of Health (NIH)

COVID-19 statistics as of 09:11 on September 10, 2020

Hespiro™ Advantage


  • Heliox reduces work of breathing
  • More comfortable / low pressure
  • May prevent intubation
  • Reduces time in ICU


  • Rebreather and low pressure restrains virus / protects clinicians
  • Requires no AC Power - Broader field of use
  • Heliox already used in hospitals / rebreather conserves helium


  • Lower cost than alternative technologies
  • Reduces hospital readmission
SaiOx product deployment roadmap includes multiple Hespiro™ versions to address Hospital, Home, and Field Use applications.


The Hespiro™ Respiratory Assist Device (RAD) will save lives in both the urgent short-term COVID-19 population and the long-term chronic COPD population.
Hespiro™ leverages established technologies from anesthesiology, standard respiratory therapies, and Heliox therapy (Helium& Oxygen) to treat patients.
SaiOx is utilizing a short-path approval process through the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) via Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The company is on-track to manufacture and deliver units within the near future.