Breathing Made Easy

Hespiro™ is a novel helium-oxygen respiratory assist system designed to help treat patients with respiratory conditions, including COPD & COVID-19, while reducing the need for scarce mechanical ventilators. It not only delivers a mixture of helium and oxygen, but it captures exhaled gas and scrubs it free of carbon dioxide in a completely closed “rebreather” system, important when aerosolization of the coronavirus has been found to spread the disease. SaiOx licensed the intellectual property for the RAD invention from the University of Arizona.


NEW Non-Invasive Ventilation

  • Uses Heliox (Helium & Oxygen) and O2
  • O2 penetrates deeper into lungs when carried by ‘thin’ Helium vs ‘thick’ air
  • Rebreather prevents virus aerosolization, scrubs CO2
  • Shortens ICU stays
  • Comfortable low-pressure breathing
  • Patented: US20160213879A1
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Safe and effective treatment for COPD and COVID-19

The Hespiro™ Respiratory Assist Device (RAD) presents a revolutionary approach to breathing issues across the globe. COPD is the fastest growing cause of death, with 16.4M people living with it in the United States. COVID-19 treatments are limited and have resulted in over 6.49M infections in the U.S. Alone.
SaiOx is in development of a more efficient solution that improves patient comfort, reduces intubation occurrences, and reduces time in the ICU.
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